Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Wellness Center

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Wellness prides itself on being the leader in healthcare for the communities and citizens it serves. In this capacity, it is the responsibility of our organization to make the health and wellbeing of our employees a priority. A sense of caring and commitment to improving the health of our employees goes hand-in-hand with the quality healthcare provided for all Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Wellness patients.

In support of personal health and wellness, Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Wellness is committed to helping all employees make the lifestyle changes needed to improve their health. This is what SJMH Wellness is all about. Our program is designed to give encouragement, professional guidance, and even financial rewards to every employee who joins and successfully participates in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyle goals. It's never too late to start taking your health seriously. So, for yourself, your family, and your future, Get educated. Get involved. Get moving.

Do! Get Healthy…Get Fit Wellness Challenge

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Warmest Regards,
Julia Spelsberg
Wellness Coordinator

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